Sean Holden

Sean Holden CountyYOU WANT WHAT I WANT:

No tax rises; thousands more Kent apprenticeships; decent deals for our elderly; no more trucking wrecking tiny lanes; kinder roads; to fight overwhelming overdevelopment; stop limitless immigration; end EU misrule (hooray for the in/out referendum!); less, less, less bureaucracy; more, more, more about you

I have long experience taking on insolent officialdom as borough councillor and TV reporter.
I promise if I’m your man, County Hall will hear the voice of our Division of Sissinghurst, Sandhurst, Hawkhurst, Frittenden, Cranbrook and Benenden.
I’m a journalist turned property entrepreneur in 2002. I’ve reported on TVam, Meridian ITV, ITN, independent radio and Radio 4.
I had 11 years’ TA service, promoted to Major.

Really Big Achievements:
1995 Surviving leukaemia and bone marrow transplant.
Royal Television Society nomination for my documentary, made while fighting leukaemia.
Marrying Corinna and having Jude, Jake, Freya and Finn when doctors said chemo made it impossible.

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