About us

I'm delighted that we have 17 Conservative Members of Parliament and control all County, Unitary and Borough Councils with the exception of one, which we are working hard to gain back in the next elections.

The hard work of the thousands of volunteers and supporters from both within and outside the county has been tremendous.Nationally the Conservative majority Government, will enable our manifesto pledges to be implemented over the next 4 years without the dilution of a coalition as experienced in the last Parliament.

Kent is a better place with a brighter future ahead of it with Conservative leadership. Thank you to everyone who supports us.

To view our manifesto please click here.

We now have important Police and Crime Commissioner elections in May 2016 and we will be working hard to see Matthew Scott elected, replacing the current PCC who has failed in the role and damaged the reputation of Kent Police - and is no longer standing for re-election after her failed record in office.

We also have Borough elections in Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells in May 2016. Your support as activists has never been so important and we look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

Please contact us with any of your queries or comments.

Thank you for your support across our County.