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Matthew Scott elected Kent's Police and Crime Commissioner

Matthew Scott has been elected Kent's Police and Crime Commissioner after a long campaign. On the day of the count, the first round of counting showed the Conservative vote achieved 88,398 votes and UKIP took 73,299 votes.

An Interview with Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott is a man with a plan. A six-point plan in fact, and one that he hopes will win him the post of Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner when the county goes to the polls in May this year.

Matthew Scott proud to support Time to Talk Day

Matthew Scott was proud to support Time to Talk Day 2016 by pledging to talk about mental health for Kent. The awareness day was run by Time to Change, a mental health campaign run by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. Matthew was taking part in the national conversation about mental health so that we can break the stigma and make sure people know they are not alone.

Matthew Scott selected as Kent's PCC Candidate

Kent Conservatives would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Matthew Scott on his selection as Conservative Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in next year’s elections.